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To the Victorian Minister of Energy, and the French Government:

Hazelwood is the most polluting coal plant in Australia. I support the recent announcement to finally close Hazelwood for good in 2017.

However, I want to see it replaced with clean energy, with local jobs created in mine rehabilitation and clean industries.

I am calling for a just transition plan for the Latrobe Valley workers and communities who would be affected by this closure.

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Why is this important?

Hazelwood power station is Australia's dirtiest power station and one of the most polluting in the world - and it will finally be closing for good on 31 March 2017!

It’s been a long fight, with so many people working together, including hundreds of Greens volunteers, Environment Victoria, Friends of the Earth, Latrobe Valley locals, and community groups across the state.

Our campaigns have targeted the Victorian Labor Government in Parliament and in marginal seats with petitions and doorknocks. We targeted Hazelwood's owners - Engie and Mitsui - by rallying at their offices, sending them thousands of petition signatures and letters, confronting them in the media, and so much more. And it worked!

Without your campaigning and hard work, we couldn’t have come this far. Thank you.

We're very disappointed that the Victorian Labor Government hasn't created a proper plan for new industries in the Valley by now. This 'head in the sand' attitude cannot continue.

We will keep fighting to ensure the Latrobe Valley community gets the just transition to clean industries that they deserve.

The Greens will continue to campaign for a phase out of all dirty coal in Victoria. We know renewables are the future, and closing Hazelwood is one more step along the path to cleaner air and a safer climate.

With Government support, workers and communities in the Latrobe Valley can be involved in the rehabilitation of Hazelwood mine and power plant. Mine rehabilitation alone would create 450 jobs for more than a decade and a billion-dollar economic stimulus for the region. [1]

The Greens want to see:

  1. The complete closure of all coal power stations across Australia;
  2. The owners of Hazelwood paying for mine rehabilitation and money to support community-led transition plan including rehabilitation of the Hazelwood mine and support for local communities to create jobs in clean industries;
  3. Immediate implementation of pollution limits for existing coal-fired power stations; and
  4. A legislated target for renewable energy in Victoria of 90% by 2030.

Read the Greens' plan to transition the Latrobe Valley from Hazelwood to clean and sustainable industries and jobs here.

[1] Environment Victoria, Preventing the Preventable, October 2014.


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